A Global Corporation with Products Trusted Around the World

ADCO Global is the parent company of an integrated group of adhesives and sealants companies strategically located around the world, with operations in the United States, Germany, England, Russia and China. With almost 1000 employees at 10 locations around the world, we are a valued partner to manufacturing and construction industries, offering world-class branded products based on the skills, knowledge and abilities of every ADCO employee, from the board room to the shop floor.

A Privately Owned Company Focused on Cutting-Edge Sealant and Adhesive Technologies

A global privately owned company focused on the design and production of adhesives and sealants that drive the efficient performance and structural integrity of today's most sophisticated products — that is ADCO Global. The company comprises the legacy businesses of KÖMMERLING, ADCO Products, Chemetall IG, Ruvan, Stag, Dolphin, EternaBond and the Millennium Adhesive Companies. These strategic acquisitions combined with a series of technical breakthroughs have allowed ADCO Global to build major positions in markets that are reliant on advanced adhesives, sealants and structural tapes to manufacture or install end products with complex bonding requirements. The ADCO Global family of companies has evolved its business toward the development of innovative technologies that outperform today's legacy adhesives and sealants. Investing in new technologies, ADCO Global is focused on the long-term needs of customers. Now more than ever, makers of sophisticated solar panels, next generation insulating glass and glazing, commercial roofing products, "green" construction products and transportation products specify ADCO Global branded offerings. You can find our adhesives, sealants and tapes in some of the world's most complex projects, from the Freedom Tower in New York City to the Millennium Tower in Tokyo.

A Greener, More Efficient Future

Within the ADCO Global organization, we work together to manufacture products for structural bonding and insulation solutions that support energy efficiency, alternative energy technologies and environmental sustainability. Right now, we're helping customers respond to consumer demands for “greener” more sustainable electricity generation. We're also helping window makers with insulating sealant technology to minimize heat loss in winter and heat gain during summer. Within the transportation industry, we're supporting the need for improved fuel-efficiency, providing sealants and adhesives that allow the use of lower weight components in heavy trucks, trailers and special-purpose vehicles. Imagine what we can do to help your company.

Continued Strategic Expansion

ADCO Global continues to develop and expand its commercial and technical capabilities and geographic reach. From the recent opening of our new China plant to recent strategic acquisitions and ongoing next generation product launches, we are continually expanding and advancing the work we do. We continue to explore adhesives and sealant acquisitions and partnerships around the world to support our strategic initiatives.




Latest News
KÖMMERLING Chemische Fabrik GmbH announces Koedispace 4SG
a new Warm Edge System specially designed for gas filled Silicone Insulating Glass units...
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KÖMMERLING Koediglaze S and GD 920 meet the requirements of ETAG 002
Structural Glazing stands for an assembly technique in facade engineering, where the glass elements are bonded to the supporting structure (anodised, powder coated Aluminum or stainless steel) with silicone sealants only...
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ADCO Global to invest in new Sealant/Adhesive facility in China
ADCO Global announced today that its KÖMMERLING subsidiary has signed agreements with Nanjing High Technology Zone to build and operate a plant in Nanjing, China to manufacture sealants and adhesives for the Construction and Transportation markets in China and Asia...
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